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Pennant Size - Embroidered 48 Star US Flag 12/11/19
Just arrived - nice small 48 star flag for your aerial!
USAAF Bomber Bar T Shirt 01/11/19
Great looking USAAF T shirt design - see USAAF T Shirts
USAAF Phone Holder 04/10/19
Great looking leather USAAF phone holder for your mobiles - see accessories.
WAC Seersucker items 04/10/19
Top quality WAC & WAVE seersucker uniforms coming soon. Currently finishing manufacturing of WAC Dress, Shirt, Trousers & Nurses cap plus similar WAVE uniforms
Late Oct/Early November !!
O/D Elastique Ike Jackets 11/12/18
Great looking Ike & "Cut Down" US Officers Jackets in lovely Elastique fabric. See USAF Jackets
New US Navy Nurse Officers Cap 17/07/18
Superb looking USN Nurse cap worn by the Officer Nurses
Chenile - Squadron Patches 17/07/18
Just Arrived - great chenille Squadron patches
USN Denim Work Jacket 03/11/17
See great looking USN denim work wear jackets in the USN section
Rosie the Riveter Coveralls 03/11/17
Check out these gorgeous war worker coveralls in the womens work wear section
SALE 29/10/15
To find the items on SALE just type sale in the search box
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