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Bronson Clothing
Steady arrival of top quality Bronson clothing for the shows in 2022 - B10 & N1 Jackets, AVG Sweatshirts, USN Watch & A3 caps etc Why pay import and postage fees - buy in the UK !!
Land Army 1940 Dungarees
 Good quality Ladies 1940 style Land Army Dungarees - see Womens Workwear
GI Pullover - Red Cross
 Lovely replica WW2 Red GI Pullover - See Jumper section
1940s WOW Dungarees
 Great looking fitted 1940 womans dungarees in lycra denim ! See Womens Wear Section in Products
Pennant Size - Embroidered 48 Star US Flag
Just arrived - nice small 48 star flag for your aerial!
USAAF Bomber Bar T Shirt
Great looking USAAF T shirt design - see USAAF T Shirts
WAC Seersucker items
Top quality WAC & WAVE seersucker uniforms coming soon. Currently finishing manufacturing of WAC Dress, Shirt, Trousers & Nurses cap plus similar WAVE uniforms
WAC seersucker kit expected mid - late August . Pre Orders with 50% deposit taken
To find the items on SALE just type sale in the search box
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