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Welcome to the patches section, You will find an extensive selection of good quality original WW2 and reproduction cloth and bullion US shoulder patches. WE HAVE SO MANY PATCHES, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LIST THEM ALL. IF YOU CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, LET US KNOW AS WE MAY HAVE IT IN STOCK.


US SQUADRONS - 703rd BS - 445th Bomb Group

US SQUADRONS - 703rd BS - 445th Bomb Group

Width: 130mmCode: 1/51/595
Great looking machine embroidered 130mm (5") diameter patch of the 703rd Bomb Squadron from the 445th Bomb Group based at Tibbenham - Station124 with the 8th USAAF. Flying B24 Liberators in the Europe Air Offensive from Nov 1943 - May 1945 with a unit citation for the mission to the Gotha aircraft works on 24th Feb 1944.  These boys had a tough time with the highest loss ever recorded for a Bomb Group of 30 planes on a mission on 27th Sept 1944  when they were decimated near Kassel by a "sturmgruppen" of 48 plus heavily armoured FW-190 who made head on attacks on the 445th Liberators leaving 20 burning B24 wrecks in 3 minutes.

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